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Ya gotta have a list of links to be a web site. It's the rules. So here is a short list of what I think are some interesting flying links.

I also have a page of interesting aviation book and writer links


Plane Writing
Stylish site containing vintage writing about flying.

Airways magazine
The best magazine covering airlines and commercial flight.

Best flying site on the web? Sign up for a twice weekly professionally produced newsletter.

Aviation Safety Network
Wow. Extensive coverage of crashes, including an e-mail update whenever a commercial plane goes down. Detailed, balanced.
You want pictures? They got pictures.

Ask A Pilot
Airline pilot Patrick Smith answers every question about flying, the New York Times called it "trenchant and insightful," and if you're not reading it you are missing out.

Be A Pilot
Stop dreaming. Start flying. Learn how here.

The folks that bought us men on the Moon.

As they say, no banners, no pop-ups, no advertising, no frames, no java scripts, no applets, no animations, no music, no cookies … nothing between you and more than 100Mb of information.

Like airliners and airports? This great site will entertain you!

Aviation for Paraplegics and Tetraplegics Charitable Trust
Help make dreams of flight possible for everybody. This is a wonderful web site.

Experimental Aircraft Association
The EAA Outlaws believe you can build a plane and have fun flying. And for a week every year over 10,000 planes and hundreds of thousands of people gather in Wisconsin to prove them right. At Oshkosh you feel the hot flame of flight, for EAA is the torch.

Project Apollo Archive
Awesome site covering the human lunar landing program. Shows what is possible.






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